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NYU Langone Health’s GreenFirst program supports institutional initiatives aimed at reducing our
environmental impact, driving towards greener operations,and building a culture of sustainability.
This is a collaborative effort across the institution, and is driven by our goal to become a carbon
neutral health system by 2050.

By selecting GreenFirst endorsed products, you are joining the many individuals and teams who are
integrating sustainability into their daily decisions to enact meaningful change.

What it Means to be a GreenFirst Endorsed Product

GreenFirst endorsed products encourage sustainable behavior and/or feature environmentally-friendly qualities.
These products reflect one or more of the following sustainability principles:

  • Reusability
    Products that replace single-use items such as plastic bags, foam cups, and water bottles.
    Using these products will reduce waste and encourage sustainable habits at home and at work.
  • Recycled Content
    Products that are made of pre- or post-consumer recycled paper, plastic or metals.
  • Minimize Chemicals of Concern
    Products that minimize the use of chemicals of concern, ultimately reducing harm to the environment and your health.
  • Sustainability Certification and/or Standard
    Products that have achieved a third-party certification or meet and industry standard of sustainable performance.

When selecting items for yourself and your team, consider how these products will be utilized.
Do they offer useful value and will they be used frequently?
These considerations ensure that your selections are meaningful and enjoyed throughout their useful life.
Purchasing these products will further contribute towards the institutional goal of reducing our environmental footprint.

Learn more about the GreenFirst program here and follow their page for program updates and opportunities to participate, or contact

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